Friday, June 26, 2015

Scene in the new John Falk upsets – Göteborgs-Posten

Several people have reacted to the similarity between a scene in the new Johan Falk film and the car explosion that occurred a few weeks ago where a four-year girl was killed. Now answer the producers.

Two weeks ago, on 12 June, a car exploded at the fire station in Torslanda. All the passengers were killed. The car traveled three men and four-year Luna, who is the daughter of one of the deceased. Police have confirmed that one of the men had links to the ongoing conflict between the various criminal gangs in Gothenburg.

In the new Johan Falk film Out of the ashes of the fire is a scene where a car catches fire in the car sitting a gang leader and his daughter named Luna. They manage to get out of the car, which then explodes. The explosion caused by a bomb. Several people have responded to the similarities between the movie and reality.

After contact with Nordisk Film respond Anders Nilsson (creative producer) and Joakim Hansson (producer) in an email that the similarity is about a tragic coincidence. Story pipeline, including the character Luna was created back in 2008.

“The scene in the film is in its design made for some real unsuccessful attacks, and the only similarity with what happened now in Gothenburg is the name of the girl. What is enormously tragic. But the similarity stops with the name, “writes Anders Nilsson and Joakim Hansson.

Anders Nilsson adds that the filmmakers reacted to the similarities between the scene in the movie and the event in reality even before people started to point it out to them .

In the current situation, there are no plans to withdraw the film because it has already been released digitally.


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