Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Carola’s love triangle in “Sing-along at Skansen” – Expressen

Talk about Carola took over the “Sing-along at Skansen” .

She fejkramlade of the stage and sang along with her boyfriend Jimmy Källqvist and his ex-girlfriend Petra Marklund.

– It was a bit special that we were all on the stage tonight, says Carola Häggkvist .

After the broadcast, she did not go to the scene but took over the program manager role.

There was no doubt about who that was the big star on the Solliden stage at Skansen in Stockholm. Carola got most program time of the participating artists, and when she would go to the scene in the subsequent webcast she did not go off. When Petra Marklund was Carola left. Petra started to walk off the stage but Carola cried into her again and it all became very confused.

– Jajaja, I got the feeling there. But I had a different information, I would introduce the next performer. But at the same time, I wanted to Petra would come in and we could freebasea little. That’s when it happens, it is spontaneous. I could have stayed with the crowd some more and tanned and busat, says Carola.

“A bit special”

TV host Petra Marklund, it was about to rapidly find itself in the situation.

– When webcast, anything can happen. But it got a bit messy there when Carola wanted to continue. But we are glad that the artists want to play even more and remain on the scene, she said.

Meanwhile, the mood was at times tense between the two. The reason is the love triangle which also includes bass player Jimmy Källqvist playing in Carola bands. He is also Carol’s boyfriend, and was previously in a multi-year relationship with Petra Marklund.

– It was a bit special that we were all on the stage tonight. But there have been so many years. We have met before, before I met Jimmy. But it seems quiet. I’m just glad to think that he wants me who is so much older than she says Carola and laughs.

“Nothing strange”

Jimmy Källqvist:

– It is absolutely no wonder. It was so long ago I and Petra were together, it was still six years ago. We’ve seen sometimes, and I know her parents very well so there is nothing strange.

Petra Marklund:

– It was great fun with the whole gang was there. Nothing strange. But I’m not talking about other people’s relationships or my ex.

Carola, however, was uncomfortable Petra ask if she had a few goals behind after 30 years in the industry.

– There was little, I do not. There is so much to say about it and you do not know what to choose. It was a little strange. You do not stand there and just take over, I want to listen to her. I do not want to say too much about Amadeus, he wants to keep some low profile. So yes, it was a little – so there. But it must be taken.

faked on stage

Carola also had time to fake a volt from the scene. What the webcast would look like if it was she who fell off the stage was actually a stunt woman. Meanwhile, Carola was hidden behind the tractor on the scene.

– You have to get to have some fun. Was it good? Looked good ?, she says afterward.


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