Sunday, June 21, 2015

Lundell: I should go to a therapist – Västerbotten Folkblad

Ulf Lundell has now published yet another post on his blog where he comments on the debate surrounding the daughter Sanna Lundell’s book “Devil’s Dance – freedom from codependency.”

Daily News published earlier this week an excerpt from the book about how her father left home. “False, tårsliskigt, incorrect” wrote Lundell then on the blog – a post that took away after a few days.

“No one asked me to do it, I thought I made my statement,” writes Lundell now in his last post. He also says he has not read his daughter’s book – and will not do it either. The plans to defend themselves in their own book seems to have been put on hold:

“I do not know if I can write that book. Maybe I should go to a therapist and treat post-traumatic stress that I carry on instead, caused by that period, “writes Lundell.


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