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Outspoken Zara Larsson speaks out in Summer – Göteborgs-Posten

Although the thermometer and the sharp and icy winds say anything else, so it will soon be summer in the radio P1 again. This year’s hosts will annoy, amuse and disturb as usual. First is Lena Olin and finishes makes it självtvivlande Ulla Skoog.

On Saturday, June 20 broadcast the first program. Nearly two months later, the actor and comedian Ulla Skoog’s turn. Her summer program broadcast on 16 August. She sighs as she stands in the crowd in Radiohusparken among the other sommarprat are, but notes with a wry smile to her all summer, come to think of what to say.

– I have not written anything at all. Yet. As you get older, so does its own requirements and expectations. Oh, it will be best if I talk about something that interests me a lot, and that concerns me. Plus some lustifikationer on it, promises Ulla Skoog.

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Three days earlier, on 13 August, it is the former Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt’s turn.

– It took well this summer when I turned 50, when I’m about to finish writing my book and feel that I have been through a major adjustment, says Fredrik Reinfeldt .

On the question of whether it will be fun to be the summer talkers, he replies that he can not promise anything funny in advance.

– When people become dissatisfied. The fun is in the moment, to say something that feels right. It is something we experience different. I hope in any case that it should not be boring, says Fredrik Reinfeldt.

Once signed emphasize that I wonder if he thinks it will be fun, he says that he often thought he said funny things. But it is not everyone who has understood it so.

Tom Alandh will talk about a little bit and gone, he promises.

– A little bit about myself, about the people I’ve met films I’ve done and a little bit about the music I like. Everything from Einar Ekberg to the punk band we are now making a film about, Listening. I will not make any major revelations, says Tom Alandh.

The youngest sommarprat years ever, singer Zara Larsson, 17, has never listened to the program itself, but her parents think about summer.

– I’m still a child. So it will probably be a part of always being the youngest in the public rooms, and I have a lot of feelings just like everyone else my age. I will talk about love, disappointment, and if I do and stand for, says Zara Larsson continues:

– Sure, I am a person that people recognize, but I do not feel like Justin Bieber. I will not be persecuted. I take the subway every day. But all I’m saying is basically rewritten. So one must think a bit about what you say, mean Zara Larsson, whose summer program broadcast on 25 July.

Facts: Summer jockey in 2015


The 20 Lena Olin

21 David Batra

22 Siavosh Derakhti

23 Helene Anderson

24 Moraeus

25 Terese Cristian Andersson

26 Bengt Baron

27 Mona Malm

28 Anna Mannheimer / peter apelgren

29 Tom Alandh

30 Clara Henry


1 Georgios Karpathakis

2 Kenneth Macartney

3 Saga Becker

4 Liza Marklund

5 Edvard Moser

6 Nina Hemmingsson

7 Kjell Enhager

8 Hédi Fried

9 Arash “Ash” Pour Nouri

10 Marianne Morck

11 Robin Paulsson

12 Johan Rockström

13 Nilla Fischer

14 Magnus Falkehed

15 Herman Geijersgatan

16 Leila Lindholm

17 Sverker Olofsson

18 Sanna Lundell

19 Karl-Petter Thorwaldsson

20 Nisse Hellberg

21 Karin Volo

22 Gunilla Röör

23 Arkan Asaad

24 Sister Karin

25 Zara Larsson

26 Olle Jonsson

27 Alice Teodorescu

His 28 Mosesson

29 Kristina Sandberg

30 Maxida Märak

31 Stig Grybe


1 Bea Akerlund

2 Markus Naslund

3 Asa Jinder

4 Alexander Ekman

5 Jögge Sundqvist

6 Daniel Poohl

7 Magdalena Gerger

8 Annika Norlin

9 Magnus Books

10 Magnus Nilsson

11 Maria Strømme

12 Owe Sandström

13 Fredrik Reinfeldt

14 Legs Gorham

15 Seinabo Sey

16 Ulla Skoog


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